IHSTO stands for International Harvester Scouts and Trucks of Oregon. We have been an active club since the late 1990's. We are a family oriented club that welcomes anyone with an interest in all things IH. If you have a Scout or want to get a Scout, if you have an IH Light Line truck or a medium duty truck - heck even if you just have a 1975 IH push mower - you are welcome to join us (even you tractor folks can come...)!

We are a very informal club, with no dues and no long drawn out meeting. Yet we do have monthly meetings and sponsor and organize one of the largest all IH show in the United States - being the IHSTO Binder Bee show held every July.

Our monthly meetings start with a meal and social hour, followed by a meeting where we discuss up coming events, past events, maybe a technical topic, swap parts, swap stories - you never know what might happen at our meetings. But they always end with more social hour and if the weather is nice a mini-car show usually follows in the parking lot with people looking over each others vehicles.

Some come join the fun!